Analytics will show WHAT your traffic is and HELPs you measure how much of your mission statement is accomplished...


About Analytics

Analytics is a useful tool in optimizing your website performance by highlighting how users are interacting with your content.

Not only does it allow you to understand how well your website is performing, but it provides insightful data about your visitors.

You can use this data to your advantage when it comes to future marketing decisions, tailoring your approach to give your customers exactly what they want.

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Benefits of Analytics

Help your site perform at it's best. Use the many benefits to knowing the analytics to your website.

  • Visitor Log - know where your traffic is coming from to help you fine tune your content as needed.
  • Visitor Locations - know where your traffic is coming from and if the target area is getting traffic, etc...
  • Visitor Devices - See what size screens your content is most displayed on. Helps with SEO and knowing what to target for enhancements as needed.

Take the guess work out of what needs improving.

Our Analytics Service is an essential tool for any website
in addition (limited time) all below plans comes with our Website Reviewer Tool...

All Plans have different levels of information from basic to complex.

This service adds a page of panels to your cpNET-works CMS website. 

Plans are available for non cpNETworks hosted sites too simply fill in the appropriate input when ordering, if you are a local business or developer with a need for any of our services on your domain we invite you to contact us today using the Live Chat or Contact Form.


Starter panels*


**Per Month

  • Visitor log
  • Visitor map
  • Visitor region
  • Referrers overview
  • Viewer entry pages

Intermediate panels*


**per month

  • Adds Visitor OS
  • Adds Visitor device type
  • Adds Visitor state
  • Adds Referrers website & social
  • Adds Visitor Downloads

advanced panels*


**per month

  • Adds Visitor real time map
  • Adds Visitor outclicks
  • Adds Visitor city
  • Adds Referrers search engines
  • Adds Campaigns

* This service adds the information to your existing CP NETworks Custom CMS web site HOWEVER non Network customers can use this service by filling in the appropriate input field when ordering.

**Save when purchased 12 months at a time.
Terms & Conditions: Agreement period is for a minimum of 1 month. Plan can be upgraded for you at any time.